Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My new Juice Plus+ Business

I am on a mission. To share with all of my friends my strong belief in food based nutrition.
I am convinced that when Jack and I started taking Juice Plus+( Garden, Orchard and Vineyard blend capsules) daily, about 2 years ago our health started to turn around. I started taking it because I had seen how much it was helping Justus (her pediatrician recommended it) with overall health. If you are interested in learning more- check out my web site and please call me if you have any questions.

I aim to inspire people toward spiritual and physicial health.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Long overdue Adams update coming soon...

I promise!

Jesus is my hope!

Good Morning friends & family,
I am writing this to update y'all. And a little confession is good for the soul. I had a crazy day yesterday, really a crazy week OK Truth be told- a crazy last several month's.
Jack's tooth continues to give him pain. So we went back to the Doctor and this time he changed the antibiotics to the big guns and will recheck him on Monday. He was having what the Doc thinks was a allergic reaction to the antibiotic. He has taken it before and this has never happened. Last weekend his throat was closing and he was having trouble swallowing. I know having this bad of an infection close to his brain and his heart can be very serious. Although the Doctors have not been alarmed. With all this going on and not having answers yet. I have decided I am not going to Colorado For the birth of Adams baby #3 right now. Maybe I will go later or maybe not. I want to wait and see. I am also taking into account that our daughter in law (Jayme) has her mother (Bev) there with them right now and she wants to stay for the birth.
My first priority is to take care of my husband. He still is working and doing all his normal routine so he doesn't need care really, but he does need my support. Between his tooth and his back, he has been in pain for a long time and that has taken a toll on him. Everything about his back has been put on hold until this tooth thing is completely cleared.
I am not only staying for Jack, How easily I put the problem outside myself. I am so overwhelmed lately. I am just plain tired. Worn out from carrying around other's troubles. Not just Jack's. To the point I am weighted down and feeling crushed. I know when I feel this way, sadly I have felt this way many times. I need to stop! Obviously I am not trusting God. When I am thinking - I am in control, handling everything on my own. "I" am the trouble. So quickly my focus changed and I took my eyes off of Jesus. God is and will always be my first priority. Then Jack, then the family, then everything & everyone else, family of God, ministry, service, etc,etc,etc.....I need to get back to Jesus- He is my Rock and Comfort -He is the answer, to all of life's questions. So I will be be here practicing the presence of God this week. To get back on track, knowing Jesus is my all in all. I surrender all to Jesus, Lord and Savior. I surrender all!
I am struggling with the decision to change my plans as I hate to disappoint anyone. Now I am struck with...( I did not think first of God's disappointment with me.) When I totally disregard God and His desire for "all of me."
I am asking for your prayers in this struggle/ life/ journey.To God be the glory! He's not finished with me yet. Amen
Humbly, Deb

Monday, April 13, 2009

Written on Resurrection Sunday.

Hey Everyone, I first want to say thank you for all your prayers the last few days. We all (including Justus) have definitely felt God's peace through all of this. Also, thank you for all the phone calls and text messages. I'm sorry we have not been able to get back to most of you, but we do appreciate you calling. I figured it would be easiest for me to just send out an e-mail and update all of you at the same time. For those of you who are still wondering what happened - Justus woke up with an extremely high fever on Thursday morning. I took her to the Pediatrician at 10:30am and there she was tested positive for the respiratory flu virus. I took her home and was trying to control her fever with Tylenol and Motrin. Well, at noon she was watching TV on the couch and started seizing. So I called 911, found the oxygen tank, and gave her some Valium. Tara Chavarria came over quickly and took Jett for me. But this was the first time he was old enough to watch and know that Justus and Mommy were not ok. This whole thing has been very hard on him - especially since he could not stay with our family at the hospital. He just wanted to be with Justus. It took the paramedics 20 or 30 min to arrive because they were on another call. But as soon at they got there, we took Justus to the ER. At this time she had been seizing for about 45 min or more. While in the ER they gave her several medications through her IV trying to stop the seizing which wasn't very successful. She seized for an hour and a half straight and then off and on for another hour. At this point they called the Neurologist at Children's hospital and he suggested she be flown down to Denver. While we were waiting to be transported to Denver, they were giving her a cat scan I was talking to her and she opened her eyes, she recognized me immediately, and began answering my questions. I will never forget that moment. I was filled with such thankfulness and complete joy! Lucas arrived at the hospital shortly after this (he had been out of town for Young Life) and as soon as he walked in she got this huge smile on her face. She was so happy to see her daddy and recognized him immediately as well! Because Justus was now responding to us and also because a snow storm had just began we all agreed that it would be best to transport her by ambulance to Denver. So the flight for life ambulance team from Summit County came to Steamboat to drive her and Lucas to Denver. Jett and I followed in our car behind them. Children's Hospital was great. We are always amazed at how good of job they do of taking care of our little girl. They mostly focused on controlling her fever so she wouldn't seize again and keeping her in bed while all the drugs wore off. Through all this Justus was in good spirits. Every time a doctor or nurse would ask her how she was feeling she would answer with "I'm healthy and I'm perfect. God made me perfect". She definitely had an impact on every doctor or nurse she spoke with and shared Christ in her own little way.She is such a tough little girl with the gift of faith just like her daddy! We got to meet the neurologist on Friday afternoon. He told us that Justus' seizures do not fit any on the normal seizure molds. What she has is very, very rare - especially for a 5 year old female. So he told us that her seizures are not just complex febrile seizures anymore -but most likely that she has some underlying epileptic conditions and that he would like to put her back on daily seizure medication. This was extremely hard for us to hear considering that we have always been told this is something she will grow out of and also because she has had such a hard time with all the side effects of the other seizure medications she has been on in the past. But through all of this Lucas and I have been asking God what He wants us to learn from all of this. And it was pretty clear what that was. While at Children's Hospital you see all these parents pulling around their kids who are battling cancer and you see pictures of kids who have been burned all over their little bodies. And you quickly realize how blessed you are. God has been so good to our family and taken such good care of our daughter through every one of the hard times. So we quickly turned our feelings of sadness and feeling sorry for ourselves into praise and thankfulness to God. God is good all the time! We got out of the hospital yesterday and are now at my dad's house in Denver. As soon as Justus' fever breaks we plan on heading back to Steamboat. But as for today, we are going to Celebrate Jesus and His Resurrection! We are so thankful for what He did for us and the life He has given us! Hope to see all of you soon!
Happy Easter!Love, Jayme

I am so grateful for my Daughter in Law Jayme. She is every thing I could ever want or imagine: a Godly Women, Wife, Mother and Daughter/Friend.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Adventures in 2008

Happy 2009! "Better late than never"?

2008 was a year of changes, adventure, travel, making new friends, renewing friendships, spending time with family and worship.

To start 2008 we were in Africa, traveling with Daniel. We had been planning for some time to visit Daniel and the life he has made for himself in Africa.

Backing up a bit: We left the Dominican Republic in 2007 retiring from Young life after 21 great years on Property Staff. We had made the decision to leave the DR and return to Colorado, during our visit in March of 07. Our visit started with a special time of spiritual retreat with our friends Steve and Gwen Smith at Potters Inn. Definitely a life changing experience! From there we had a much needed time of prayer and discussion with our friends and Latin America director Joe & June Walters. They ministered to us and helped us adjust to the idea of leaving Young Life. We continued on to Steamboat Springs, CO for a short visit with the family (Lucas, Jayme, Justus & Jett) before Jack returned to the D.R. I stayed with the family a little longer to celebrate Easter and I met up with Mike & Heidi Walker at an Easter egg hunt for the kids. (Mike was on Summer Staff our first summer on staff with YL at Woodleaf.) He and his family have been living in Steamboat Springs, CO. I mentioned to Mike we were moving back to the States. He got all of our contact info and said he would be contacting Jack.

I returned to the DR to pack up and prepare to move back to Colorado. We were looking into a possible job in Steamboat Springs but two weeks before our departure, that job fell through. So we were going back to Colorado, trusting that God was leading us but we had no idea to what. Then Mike Walker contacted Jack and offered him a job in Meeker, only two hours from Steamboat Springs and the family. So we moved back to Colorado (with Tyson our large Boxer). We agreed to work there at least 6 months, as we continued to plan our Christmas/ New Years, trip to Africa. Our main goal was to spend time with Daniel in Africa and with all his new friend's. Which is where and who God used to breathe new life into Daniel.

Jack was working very hard on the project and I (Deb) had the opportunity to travel a few times. Our friend Bill Sutton asked Deb to Speak, at University of Illinois High School (where he teaches), about Come Let’s Dance (the ministry that grew out of Daniel’s first trip to Africa) and to serve as cook and chaperone on two incredible trips to work with Habitat for Humanity in the Mississippi Delta.

Bill & Jane Sutton came to Meeker to visit us at the peak of the Aspens turning. Their visit was all too short...

I (Deb) went to visit our friends the Paulino’s in Dublin, GA for 10 days. What a joy to be with Arturo, Tracy and their five little girls.

Shelby Noxon visited Colorado last winter for a retreat and after she spent wonderful few days with us in Meeker.

December 10th we began our 35 day trip in Kampala, Uganda where Daniel met up with us. We stayed with all our Come Let’s Dance-friends (check out CLD http://www.comeletsdance.org/.) Jack and Daniel worked most of a week trying to fix the well at the new CLD/kids house. They had a great time working together.

From there we traveled to South Africa to meet up with the Balance and Love families, Roger & Scotty (all of them Daniel’s friends) and had the best ever Christmas. We stayed together in some cottages in the wine country of S.A., with lots of good food, Smithy schooling us in speed scrabble, hiking and visiting a water fall/swimming hole. After spending New Years in Cape Town , we traveled with the Balances back to their home in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe is an incredible place, and for which my only response can be prayer. God’s restoration is the only answer that I can see for that country. For the End of our trip we took Daniel on a vacation to Tanzania; staying with our friends Charlie & Nancy Crane for a couple of days, then on to the Island of Zanzibar. We treasured every moment with Daniel as we had no idea when we would be able to see him again. God has truly transformed Daniel into a man of God. Praise Him!

Upon returning to Meeker, after a trip like that I (Deb) knew I had to get a life! So I joined the town recreation center. An answer to my prayers! I started meeting people. YEA!!! One of the first people I met was Bev Steinman; we talked through our whole workout. She invited us to her church and we went the very next Sunday. The people were so welcoming and genuinely interested in our lives. By this time we had lived in Meeker almost a year and the project was about finished. So our time in Meeker was ending just as we found a church family. The beginning of January, I was blessed to be able to share my journey at the Methodist Women's luncheon in Meeker.

Once the project in Meeker was complete we were planning to move to Steamboat Springs. We wanted to be closer to the family and so Jack could help Lucas with building their house. Our friend's the Bradt’s offered to rent us a room in their house on a month to month basis. God started stirring in our hearts again... CLD asked if Jack would be available to go back to Uganda and help with the planning of a vocational training farm. We decided it was perfect timing as the project Jack was working on was just ending.
We are grateful we were able to spend a time of reunion with Jack’s family before we left. As his brother Brian passed away while we were in Africa (center in picture).

We packed up once more and this time put all our stuff in storage and set off for a month in Uganda. The plan was to spend the 1st two weeks working with Engineering Ministries International (eMi) designing the master plan for the CLD farm and incorporating their HUGE Vision for this land. The outline for their vision is: Feeding the Hungry, Vocational Training, Creating Economy and Self -Sustainability. I (Deb) was not sure what God was going to use me for as I know nothing about developing a farm, but knowing He would use me if I made myself available.

We planned on staying in Uganda after the planning part of the trip to be there for the annual Worship night 2008. Wilson Bugembe, a friend of Daniel’s and a now famous preacher/gospel singer and good friend of CLD had a vision of a night where: “Every tongue in heaven and earth shall declare God’s glory; every knee shall bow at His feet in worship. You shall be exalted O God and Your Kingdom shall not pass away.” Wilson had invited the Euzoa Worship Band from Steamboat Springs to attend last year and it was such a blessing they decided to make it an annual thing. So this year they were thinking bigger. They rented the Nakivubu Stadium in downtown Kampala and hoped a few thousand people would attend.
This year the base player from Euzoa band could not make the trip, as his wife just had a baby, so they asked Daniel if he would take eight days out of his school schedule to come play with them. They would fly him to Uganda for the Worship night. And we were already there.... What a God we serve!!

Jack and I plugged in and began helping with the event, which kept us very busy: Jack-meeting with police, terrorist protection director, that brought bomb sniffing dog's into sweep the stadium before they could let anyone in through the metal detectors (which CLD had to rent for the event), I (Deb) helped prepare the guest house and plan for meals for the Euzoa band. I enjoyed the adventures of visiting all the markets where we could buy our supplies. One day when 2 of my Ugandan friends were escorting me to the big market and I rode on a "boda boda"(motorcycle taxi) side-saddle as I was wearing a skirt. I closed my eyes and prayed "Lord please get me there safe or take me home" What a wild ride in heavy traffic that was.

I (Deb) gave my testimony of salvation and life journey to CLD's Ugandan Girlz Leadership group one morning during our daily Prayer and Devotions time. After which time, Eunice asked: if I would give my testimony again on the Christian radio station. She hosts the 2 hour "Go Girlz" call-in radio show. I agreed for the following Saturday, I was so nervous. Praying "God if you speak to one person it will all be worth it" Believing "it's going to be worth it" The 2 hours went so much faster than I thought it would and a woman texted in: "I was just about to pack and leave my husband. Now I am going to trust God for my life & my marriage". Praise Him!

The Worship Night/ 2008 was here. The anticipation was electric, The schedule was 6pm - 6am, entrance was free for the all-night Worship. Euzoa Band would play two sets in addition to other groups and soloist from Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, & many more. Including Several Preachers and the African children's choir even made an appearance. WORSHIP BEYOND OUR HOPES AND WILDEST DREAMS!!! 53,000 PEOPLE CAME AND STAYED....... WORSHIPING TOGETHER!! ALL NIGHT LONG!

We had the added blessing to go to Mazatlan, Mexico with our friend’s Matt & Shauna Sutton before returning to Steamboat Springs. Jack was able to help Lucas finish their house. They moved in on Sat January 10 and on Sunday Jack flew to Austin, Texas following up on a possible /probable job with Hellas Construction CO. Hellas has jobs all over the United States. Still wondering what’s next for the Adams. We believe: Jehovah-Jireh- The Lord Will Provide "together we will trust in God's provision, knowing that everything we have comes from Him. We will honor Him first and be content with how He cares for us - Jeremiah 29:11 "for I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

January 24th
Jack being in Austin, I didn’t send this out until he could look it over and make any changes he wanted. It is a good thing because, before he left Austin, the owner of Hellas asked “How soon could you move to Austin?” He offered Jack a full time, position in the main office. So we are HERE in Austin right now for a 3 week scouting trip. Jack jumped in and started work right away. We both are adjusting to the 70 degree days, just fine. We will return to Steamboat Springs around the 9th of February, to get our stuff out of storage, pick up Tyson and move to Austin. We know this is God’s provision and really the timing is perfect. If moving can ever be perfect?

Thank you for being and reading a part of our story.

Jack & Deb